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Pharmaceutical Products

VGA is based in South Goa India. Today Goa being the smallest state in India is the largest producer of Pharmaceuticals and bulk drugs. There are about 70 pharmaceutical units, which are of the finest quality and comparable to the best in the world.
Of these, about 50 units export pharmaceutical products worth Rupees 3,000 Crore (Approx. 450 million sterling pounds) annually to various countries click here for more information on our Pharmaceutical products in Goa

IT Products

VGA can supply, from UK all the photographic and large format print requirements – computer hardware and software through large format Printers, RIP software, Inks, Media laminators frames etc.from the UK click here for more


Pharmaceutical Services of Villa Gatehouse Associates


Villa Gate Associates, the import – export firm operating from South Goa, (India) provides a bouquet of intermediary services to introduce international buyers and sellers for the ever expanding pharmaceutical & IT Industry of Goa and India.

The professional services rendered under the aegis of an accomplished & British qualified pharmacist, Mr. J.C. Patel, will be mostly beneficial for B2B (Business to Business) segment of the Pharmaceutical Industry initially in Goa and then India.

Our Services:

  • Professional Import / Export Related Consultancy services.
  • VGA provides expert assistance to Pharmaceutical companies based in India who need export oriented solutions.
  • Goa has 11 different industrial estate units spread over north and south Goa having 70 plus Pharmaceutical manufacturing activities in areas of raw materials, finished products and bulk drugs. These pharmaceutical companies having an annual turnover of 6500 crores are ever in need of VGA Services for opening new international markets.
  • VGA helps as an International Business Generator. We introduce to you, new vistas of opportunities for growth in the Global market.
  • Our vast experience in International Pharmaceutical trade covering all the areas of Manufacturing, Retail, Wholesale & Distribution of Pharmacy products will be beneficial to local companies to get a global foothold.
  • We help any new pharmaceutical company desiring to import or to export any pharmaceutical products & machinery.

VGA is offering its import / export consultancy services in Goa, as very soon the Port of Mormugao is hopefully going to be scheduled as a designated port for the exports of pharmaceutical goods.

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