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Pharmaceutical Products

VGA is based in South Goa India. Today Goa being the smallest state in India is the largest producer of Pharmaceuticals and bulk drugs. There are about 70 pharmaceutical units, which are of the finest quality and comparable to the best in the world.
Of these, about 50 units export pharmaceutical products worth Rupees 3,000 Crore (Approx. 450 million sterling pounds) annually to various countries click here for more information on our Pharmaceutical products in Goa

IT Products

VGA can supply, from UK all the photographic and large format print requirements – computer hardware and software through large format Printers, RIP software, Inks, Media laminators frames etc.from the UK click here for more


Frequently Asked Questions regarding Villa Gatehouse Associates

What is VGA?:

VGA is a short form of Villa Gatehouse Associates formed by Mr. J C Patel, a UK qualified pharmacist, with 40 years experience in the Pharmaceutical in Retail, Wholesale, Manufacturing and International.

The company will operate from Goa South India.

JC Patel also has business experience in the IT Industry specializing in Apple Products in the UK market.

Mr. J C Patel family members, are involved in the Pharmaceuticals as well as IT industry in UK.

The object of VGA is to establish and operate a successful Import/Export Agency from the economically vibrant Indian market.

What services VGA will provide?

  • To provide customers Consultation in the field of Import/Export Worldwide.

  • VGA can assist Pharmaceutical Companies of India in the field of Import/Export Worldwide.

  • VGA is based in Goa State which has over 70 Pharmaceutical units carrying out Import/Export business of Pharmaceuticals in finished products as well as in bulk Drugs. Goa is soon to be designated as Import/Export hub, which will save shipping cost as all Import/Export now is operated via Mumbai.

  • To assist any new company in India wishing to start Import/Export business.

  • VGA can assist import/export of IT products from UK.

  • Successful companies of India with exclusive products within Indian market may not have know how in the International .VGA can provide assistance to the Indian companies wishing to enter Import/Export market.
Why Import/Export?

The beauty of Import/Export is that it offers the potential for substantial profits. There is nothing complicated or mysterious about it either.

On the one hand you have literally millions of sellers (by which we mean manufacturers and producers) in virtually every country of the world desperate for extra sales but without the skills or resources to locate overseas customers.

On the other hand you have millions of buyers (by which we mean wholesalers, retailers, dealers) in every country of the World desperate for products and commodities but without the skills or resources to find overseas suppliers.

VGA Import/Export Agency will introduce buyers and sellers. VGA will charge anything from 5 to 15% commission to the seller for their services depending upon the products and the values of the sales.

What is an Import-Export Agent?

He or she is a middleman, an intermediary - someone who makes things happen. Consider the following situation: Around the world there are manufacturers - it does not matter what products they make - who sell their goods mainly locally, but also perhaps nationally.

However, they find they are able to produce more than they sell and need to find new markets. They have no one in their company who can provide the ability to gain worldwide sales and cannot afford to take anyone else who will bring that talent with him. This is a perfect situation for VGA Import/Export agency to be contacted.

From the manufactures point of view they are able to win sales in a foreign market without having to take on any new staff or undertake to commit any more of their own time and resources to the sales campaign. Indeed they are enjoying the best possible basis for this arrangement - they pay strictly by results and then only after they have received payment themselves.

What products are VGA dealing with?

VGA (J C Patel) have enormous experience in the International market and feel VGA have identified a number of excellent openings for long-term business prospect. With this in mind VGA will be aiming to enter into arrangements to market only complementary rather than competitive products. So, VGA entire effort will be concentrated on this one category. VGA is convinced that this approach will bring forth results for your business within the shortest possible time frame.

Who do VGA represent at this moment of time?

Initially VGA intend to take on only one agency and devote all the efforts to building business for that one principal in the chosen market. In future VGA would expect to expand the interests to complementary products within the field.

However VGA do not intend to place in the situation of handling a wide range of products whilst finding difficult to give each the attention it needs. In this way VGA can provide principals with the results they require quickly.

Do VGA have a base within the export market?

VGA do not have a direct physical presence within the market but have numerous contacts within which VGA will make full use of in the promotion of products. Overall control of the export marketing push will lie with VGA, but VGA would of course be at your disposal.

Do VGA have any experience of this sort of product?

VGA have in-depth knowledge of the product and market and VGA is confident that no one can offer so in-depth service and has great understanding of the product and how it should be sold with in the market. VGA owner have personally visited some these International markets when the family business was operating in these areas in the past.

What is the size of your business?

In common with most established import-export agents VGA is operating on a sole proprietor basis. However do not interpret this as meaning VGA does not have access to the back-up and information resources necessary to do a professional job of work on your behalf.

How many people do you employ?

Mr. J C Patel owner of VGA, with appropriate secretarial backup, will operate the business. Further assistance will be available from the immediate family members already in Pharmaceutical and IT business

How many sales staff do you have in the field?

VGA makes use of sub-agents within the territory when needed. The control and operation of these agents is VGA responsibility and is at sole VGA expense. VGA retain full control over them at all times.

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