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Pharmaceutical Products

VGA is based in South Goa India. Today Goa being the smallest state in India is the largest producer of Pharmaceuticals and bulk drugs. There are about 70 pharmaceutical units, which are of the finest quality and comparable to the best in the world.
Of these, about 50 units export pharmaceutical products worth Rupees 3,000 Crore (Approx. 450 million sterling pounds) annually to various countries click here for more information on our Pharmaceutical products in Goa

IT Products

VGA can supply, from UK all the photographic and large format print requirements – computer hardware and software through large format Printers, RIP software, Inks, Media laminators frames etc.from the UK click here for more


Welcome to Villa Gatehouse Associates


This is Villa Gatehouse Associates (VGA). Mr. J C Patel an experienced businessman in Pharmaceuticals as well as IT products established VGA an import export firm based in Goa. India being one of the largest producers of Pharmaceutical raw materials in the world, VGA can assist manufacturers in the developing countries to procure their raw materials from India, particularly Goa.

VGA will connect buyers and sellers and ensure that the deal is finalised. Cultural issues in foreign markets are important factors in conducting business overseas and developing successful business relation internationally. click here for more information on profile of Villa Gatehouse Associates

What is VGA?
VGA is a short form of Villa Gatehouse Associates formed by Mr. J C Patel, a UK qualified pharmacist, with 40 years experience in the Pharmaceutical in Retail, Wholesale, Manufacturing and International.
The company will operate from Goa South India.

JC Patel also has business experience in the IT Industry specializing in Apple Products in the UK here for more

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